The appeal of Solana as a blockchain and ecosystem can be attributed to its underlying scalability, low transaction fees, and high speed. Solana has surpassed many other cryptocurrencies due to the massive increase of investments this year. At this point, it has seen a massive increase of more than 11,200% from its original price of $1,61 at the start of the year. The Solana project claims to be the world’s fastest blockchain technology. According to Solana, the network could process 710,000 transactions per second (TPS) using just 1 gigabit per second network connection. In addition to the speed of Solana, it can process 2,5 times faster than the ordinary transaction procedure.
It is the innovative Proof-of-History (POH) timing mechanism that is constructed on top of Solana's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol structure that enables the Solana to achieve an incredible peak theoretical capacity of 65,000 transactions per second in the real world (TPS).
Solana uses a consensus algorithm called Proof-of-History, which establishes a historical record that proves a certain event has occurred at a specific time. On the other hand, Ethereum is still dealing with outrageous gas fees that can reach up to hundreds of dollars in transaction fees. By integrating a Proof-of-History algorithm to the standard Proof-of-Stake mechanism, Solana has built a highly accelerated and secured network able to process up to 65,000 TPS with an average transaction cost less than 1 cent while the large portion is still focussing on the Ethereum based layer 2 solution. Trush combines the scalability and the interoperability of the Solana network and derives the platform into the fastest and simplified DeFi in the world, while ensuring low transaction fees.
Simultaneously, all of these benefits have been recognized by early developers and retail investors in search of the next viable ecosystem to rival BSC or ETH. Trush really believes in the Solana ecosystem's potentials, particularly in Solana's ability to deliver the lowest transaction costs while maintaining normal operations. In fact, Trush regards Solana's technology as an excellent balance of decentralization, interoperability, and scalability.
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