Lending & Borrowing
Trush is the first decentralized protocol that brings fiat loans capabilities to the cryptocurrency. Proceed with ease between crypto assets and fiat positions, take out loans and retain full control of your digital assets with interest. Just as with a bank loan, collateral is necessary to secure the loan. For instance, with a car loan, where the car itself is the collateral. When the loan payments halt, the bank will seize the vehicle. The same applies for DeFi systems; the distinction is that the system is undisclosed and does not require physical collateralization. This is one of the components of Trush. Trush connects lenders with the highest-yield investments and borrowers with easy access to loans globally. Our platform, a highly secured P2P, lending model, is built on the newest blockchain technology and utilizes smart contracts to ensure that all parties are treated equally.
Additionally, Trush allows the borrower to generate revenue while maintaining a revolving loan. We will farm the collateral and create interest earnings for the borrower because the collateral must be held on during the amortized loan. As a result, the borrower can obtain a loan without having to pay interest.
Trushs major target is to provide a user-friendly and globally accessible lending platform. Any human being with an internet connection may quickly obtain a loan or have access to our financial services. We are convinced that this perception can enlarge our audience intensely outside of the cryptography market. Trush aspires to be the next generation of DeFi and will become a household name.
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