Staking is the process of temporarily "locking up" a portion of your cryptocurrency in order to contribute to a blockchain network. Stakers can receive incentives in exchange, which are generally in the form of additional coins or tokens.
First of all, by making use of staking there is no coercion to contribute a surplus amount to buy any equipment outside of the ones required for mining. In the case of mining, you invest a significant amount of money to acquire advanced equipment that provides an exceptional mining experience. Therefore, staking assures the long-term growth of $TRS by locking it for a given period of time. Apart from the increasing incentives associated with staking digital assets, the staked tokens may also rise in value over time if the tokens' value increases. Therefore , as the value of tokens increases, the value of staked digital assets will increase significantly over time as well. As a result, there is no need for an educational technical background like mining, basic trading knowledge is sufficient enough. Trush provides the best simplified staking protocol and we ensure the easiest and equivalent system in a decentralized environment. We prioritize our staking users , by ensuring the highest rewarding system of the current crypto market. As the community expands, the rewarding system will dwindle. However, the high paying interest will be shared equally according to the amount you have locked in the staking protocol.
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