Sending Request
Trush protocol's mission is to propel the cryptocurrency industry into the next generation of finance by putting a priority on user experience. With our protocol, complicated and embroiled public wallets address become past tense. We eliminate the different wallet addresses by creating our own simplified Trush Payments. As a result, users can easily make transactions globally without experiencing any discomfort. This functionality, similar to Paypal and other P2P systems, also safeguards contextual metadata information or a brief note to the recipient in their request.
The ultimate objective of Trush request is to enable the safe and private transmission of decentralized requests from one Trush wallet to another Trush wallet. Users will interact with the TRSapp on iOS, Android and in the browser to easily access digital assets to lend, borrow and manage the services provided by Trush while maintaining full control. Users also have peace of mind because they keep the keys to their own assets at all times. On top of that the beneficiaries and consigners involved in the transaction can only encrypt the request. Trush's focus is not just on decentralization or the immutability of sending requests; we seek to be the most user-friendly financial system possible for all users by including the best simplicity and solution into our platform. Trush strives to achieve a mainstream usage of cryptocurrencies, rather than remaining highly speculative by being the solution of DeFi.
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